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WeckMethod Resistance Bands

More than your typical Resistance Bands

WeckMethod Resistance Bands are a key training tool for your arsenal. Durable, functional and multipurpose, WeckMethod Resistance Bands are used for a variety of exercises from mobility and strength training to conditioning and injury prevention.

What truly sets the WeckMethod Resistance Bands apart from other resistance bands is the unique programming (training & exercises) included with your purchase. Coiling Core Training®, Limit Force Elastic® Training, and Compression Strength Training™ are all techniques you will learn which open a whole new door for resistance band training.

Sizing Guide - Resistance Bands

All WeckMethod Resistance bands are 44 inches in length.

Resistance by size:

1/2 - 30 lbs of resistance
1-inch - 60 lbs of resistance
2-inch - 120 lbs of resistance
3-inch - 180 lbs of resistance