Ropeflex RX2500D Dual-Station Oryx Rope Trainer

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Ropeflex RX2500D Dual-Station Rope Trainer

The benefits of climbing rope are no longer the exclusive province of elite athletes with the RX2500D DUALSTATION. Now, safe and effective rope-pulling exercise is available to athletes, students, fitness enthusiasts, and even for injury-rehabilitation purposes. No need to worry about the risks and inconvenience of hanging rope from the ceiling. The seat offers added stability and safety, and it is removable for wheelchair-accessibility. Intelligent resistance™ adjusts to the needs of users of all fitness levels.


  • Dual-Station vertical rope trainer
  • Adjustable pulley for additional horizontal and bottom pulls
  • Removable cushioned seat for sitting and standing rope pulls
  • Continuously adjusting Progressive Resistance
  • Wheels for easy unit positioning
  • ADA compliant
  • Compatible with HIPERVISION virtual training system


  • 50” (127 cm) x 72” (183 cm) x 91” (231 cm)


  • 280 lb (127 kg)