Ropeflex RX1500 Dragon Rope Pull Machine

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Ropeflex RX1500 Dragon Rope Pull Machine

The compact and versatile DRAGON combines multiple machines in 1 for unparalleled workout variety! Take advantage of both horizontal and vertical configurations for a complete, functional, total-body workout. Get the most out of this multi-functional station by simultaneously engaging 2 users. Both drums can be adjusted independently (up and down) at 9 different positions for optimal gains that transfer to almost any sport or activity. Our unique design eliminates all moving parts and assures consistent and reliable performance.


  • Single or Dual Drum multi-functional rope trainer
  • Zero-maintenance friction design
  • Upper and lower body machine
  • Independently adjustable Drum positions
  • Stainless steel vertical posts


  • 61” (155 cm) x 41” (104 cm) x 83” (210 cm)
  • 120 lb (54 kg)