Muscle D Fitness Rotary Torso

Muscle D Fitness Rotary Torso

The Elite Series rotary torso machine from Muscle D Fitness enables users to strengthen their abdominal and oblique muscles in a targeted manner. Thanks to its compact footprint, this machine is ideal for circuit training classes or clubs where space is at a premium. As a unit that trains the core muscles, it can function as a standalone machine or be integrated into a complete strength training circuit with other Elite Series products.

It helps gym members and home users to maximize their core workout so that muscles are fully activated during every rep. The stylish thigh pads and durable footplates help to lock users into the ideal position so that complete torso rotation is achieved. It also features a biomechanically correct cam that’s capable of delivering variable resistance throughout the entire rotation exercise. This ensures that inner core, oblique, and abdominal muscles are activated maximally to deliver the best torso-sculpting results.


  • Adjustable ankle roller pad accommodates all leg lengths
  • Pre-stretch adjustment on leg arm allows different pre-stretch
  • V-shaped pads secure upper torso and legs to isolate the hamstring muscles.
  • Handles and elbow pads secure upper torso.
  • Anatomically correct cam for precise hamstring development
  • 160 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin


  • 52″ L x 54″ W x 64″ H, 375 lb
  • 132 cm x 148 x 163 cm, 171 kg