Muscle D Fitness The Compact – 8 Stack Multi Gym

Multi Stations The Compact – 8 Stack Multi Gymym

Muscle D Fitness Multi Stations incorporate numerous units within space-efficient combos. The range features 9 units – two compact, two standard, and five deluxe versions. You can choose from 4, 5, 8, or 12-stack combinations, so there’s guaranteed to be a multi station that meets your facility needs.

Biomechanics and durability are at the core of our design philosophy. We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials and commercial grade steel to ensure products last for the long term. The units in our multi station range are created to endure the training demands of the busiest of fitness facilities.


  • The Compact utilizes a biomechanically precise, variable resistance cam on the Adjustable Leg Extension/Seated Leg Curl combo
  • User friendly “NO Cable Change System” with simple adjustments to fit the users’ sizes
  • Anatomical correctness of the exercises is outstanding giving maximum muscular results
  • A unique 3-in-1 Multi Press Station for Flat, Incline, and Shoulder presses
  • 8 people can train at the same time


  • L x 120″ W x 98″ H 4200 LBS
  • cm x cm x cm, kgs
  • Weight stacks:
  • 2 Lat/Low Row – 180 lb
  • 2 Leg Extension/Seated Leg Curl – 180 lb
  • 2 Multi Press – 180 lb
  • 2 Adjustable Hi/Lo Pulley – 150 lb
  • Optional 15 lb selectorized plates available instead of 10 lb plates