Master Press

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  • Space efficient / can be placed against a wall
  • More economical than plate-loaded fitness
  • Gentle on the joints
  • Makes using a Smith machine, safe, quick and super efficient

Master Press - The Most Innovative Strength Machine

This unique patented machine raises the bar for functionality, durability and innovation. The Master Press features an industry first vertically adjustable carriage containing two independent converging press arms. With this adjustable carriage and the use of an adjustable bench you can perform decline presses, flat presses, triceps presses, multi angle incline presses and shoulder presses.

In addition to these exercises, popular ground based movements can be performed such as shoulder presses, shrugs, deadlifts, one arm rows, split squats among other exercises. The carriage rides on a proprietary bearing system and is counter balanced for effortless adjustability.

The Master Press is also much safer compared to traditional Smith machines and plate-loaded equipment. So you can push yourself to higher limits without the higher risks of injuring yourself.

Why Choose The Master Press

  • Works on an arc which is much more gentle to the joints
  • Allows for the user to safely exit the machine
  • Is space efficient and can be placed against a wall
  • Allows you to pick the angle you want to train at (traditional plate-loaded equipment locks you in at a predetermined angle)
  • Performs more movements more effectively than an entire circuit of Plate Loaded equipment
  • Features a range of motion adjustment

Watch The Master Press Video

Better Than A Smith Machine

  • The Smith Machine utilizes a fixed press bar leading to unequal strength and muscular development
  • The Smith Machine operates on harsh angles
  • The Smith Machine can be dangerous if the user is unable to rotate the bar to the catch position
  • The Smith Machine is large and cannot be placed flat against a wall
  • The Smith Machine does not have independent converging press arms
  • The Smith Machine does not have variable resistance

Better Than Plate-Loaded Equipment

  • Plate Loaded equipment utilizes a fixed lifting angle that cannot be adjusted
  • Plate Loaded equipment requires multiple units to accomplish just a fraction of what the Master Press can do
  • Plate Loaded equipment occupies a large amount of floor space
  • Plate Loaded equipment and the number of units needed is costly
  • Most Plate Loaded equipment does not have a range of motion adjustment