Gym Flooring Red Speckle Rubber

Muscle D Red Speckle Rubber Flooring Roll

Choosing the right rubber gym flooring can have a huge impact on the safety, décor, and exercise experience in your facility. Whether it’s for a commercial fitness center or home gym use, selecting a high-quality flooring surface will make a big difference to the entire finish. Our range of durable gym flooring options are designed to meet any need and every budget.

The training surfaces we supply have a high content of virgin rubber which means they provide exceptional performance without the unpleasant ‘used tire’ smell. Choose the thicker rubber rolls for strength training areas and thinner options for cardio floors.


  • 4' x 50' x 6 mm Red Speckle Flooring Roll (200 sq/ft)
  • 4' x 50' x 8 mm Red Speckle Flooring Roll (200 sq/ft)