Stirling Fitness Assembly Service

Whether you're doing a DIY home gym, or filling up a commercial gym, we want to make sure the assembly process is as smooth and easy as possible. Which is why we offer two different assembly services.

White Glove Service

We will ship your order to the freight center that is closest to your delivery address. The freight center will then call you to schedule a delivery and assembly appointment.

Keep in mind, when the freight center receives your order, it usually takes one week before the center schedules an appointment with you.

On the day of the appointment, the service technician will deliver the order to your shipping address, and provide same-day assembly.

In-Home Service

We will ship your order directly to your shipping address via ground or freight shipping. You and the assembly technician will receive a tracking number from us.

If the order is shipped via freight shipment, you will be responsible for receiving the order. The freight company will schedule a delivery time with you. When they deliver your package, they will deliver it curbside. The freight company is not responsible for moving the equipment into your house.

When the freight company delivers your package curbside, the service technician will receive a shipment confirmation. The technician will then schedule an assembly time with you.

Note: It could take up to one week between the time of delivery to the scheduled assembly.

Contact Us

If you're interested in one of these assembly options, contact us directly at One of our team members will be ready to help you through the process, and provide you a customized quote.

Stirling Fitness Assembly Service