Rowing Machines

Preferred for the hardcore workout that they promise, rowing machines are the next best thing in cardio. In addition to torching calories, these portable machines also help sculpt your physique, burn stubborn fat, and improve upper body strength. Perfect for those who are tired of treadmills and ellipticals, indoor rowing equipment offers a fun, modern way to stay in shape at home. With so many rowers to choose from, it can be tough to make an informed decision. First Degree Fitness has perfected a line of indoor rowers, and below are some top sellers.

With their sleek design and user-friendly features, few indoor rowers hold a candle to the Viking machines crafted by First Degree Fitness. The Viking Pro V is a standout, and it’s beloved for its advanced console capabilities and auto-adjust technology. While rowing, users receive greater water resistance, which ensures a challenging yet rewarding workout. What’s more, the Viking Pro V is equipped with smart devices, making it simple to track and record your performance. Similar in design and feel is the Viking 3 Plus.

Applauded for its uncanny on-water simulation, the Viking 3 Plus is ideal for experienced rowers. During your workout, you can manually adjust levels and, in turn, target specific areas. With its powerful resistance and steel impellers, the manufacturing is unbeatable. The added lumbar support is another thoughtful detail. One tier down is the Viking 2 Plus, but this innovative machine still packs a punch.

Designed with seniors and the disabled in mind, the Viking 2 Plus is suitable for elders and those undergoing rehabilitation. Offering additional postural support and optimal accessibility, the Viking 2 Plus allows you to work your muscles without straining them. Thanks to its fluid technology, every stroke is consistent and effortless. Meanwhile, the Viking 2 Plus Select gives you a whole-body workout that enhances your form and function.

The rower’s cutting-edge technology ensures no dead spots, allowing the user to mimic the natural catch and feel of on-water rowing. Bluetooth features make your workout even more immersive. Hallmarked for its multifunctional performance, the Viking 2 AR Plus Reserve is another winner. Keeping you motivated are the tracking components, which monitor your speed, strokes, calories burned, and workout time. The tank internals and impeller blades breathe consistency and fluidity into the machine’s functionality.

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