Bosu Fitness


Expertly designed to promote endurance, strength, balance, and stability, the BOSU fitness balls, pods, and balance trainers are ideal for cardio, strength training, and targeting problem areas. Best described as an exercise ball that’s been cut in half, the BOSU Balance Trainer elevates your workout to new heights. Equipped with a platform on the bottom, users can step, stand, sit, and lie down on the balance trainer to improve lower body strength. They’re also suitable for upper body exercises, ranging from planks to push-ups.

The BOSU Balance Trainer was strategically crafted to foster a sense of stability as the body moves and shifts. For those just starting out, the BOSU NextGen Home Balance Trainer is a viable option. Included with a textured dome, enhanced grip, and four quadrants, the BOSU NextGen Home Balance Trainer emphasizes functionality. It also allows for precise body positioning. The BOSU Home Balance Trainer offers similar features, but it lacks the bells and whistles that the former equipment promises. Even still, it’s an excellent tool for abdominal exercises, sports drills, and hamstring stretches.

While the balance trainers are geared towards strengthening muscles and balance, the BOSU weighted balls seek to improve hand-eye coordination. The BOSU Soft Grip Weighted Ball, specifically, aims to tone, fortify, and reshape your body. Balls that are over four pounds can also improve flexibility and increase agility. Meanwhile, the BOSU Balance Pods hone in on body awareness. Though similar to the balance trainers, the pods are smaller and are more focused on developing muscular endurance.

The biggest draw to using BOSU equipment is that it can be incorporated into home gyms. With their portability and easy use, BOSU fitness balls, pods, and balance trainers are exceptionally user-friendly. Though some prefer to it on its own, the BOSU Balance Trainer even comes with exercise videos. These DVDs are intended to help users master the art of the balance trainer. With BOSU, you’ll discover just how simple perfecting your workouts can be.

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